Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis' the Season! :)

Hi everyone!!!!!

I MISS YOU ALL MORE THAN YOU KNOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!! I’m sorry it’s been so long, been wrapping up the end of the semester, DONE! I’m officially done with my first semester over here at Hillsong International Leadership College! CRAZY!! My how it’s flown by!!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and ate a portion of turkey and green bean casserole for me! :) They definitely don’t have thanksgiving over here, considering it was something formed due to the colonists and the Native Americans!! :) However, I was able to get a little taste of it thanks for Brian and Bobbie Houston (Hillsong’s senior pastors) for having all the American and Canadian students over to their river property for Thanksgiving! It felt more like the fourth of July, but was still such a nice treat to get out of the city and feel like home!

UGH!! So, school’s done, I’m moved into my new flat with new girls and I LOVE it!!!

I’m now living with 5 other girls instead of 3, but my rent in cheaper and the view is MUCH better from my new place! :) It’s awesome, and I love all the girls I live with!! One’s from New Zealand, and the rest are American!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last updated… OUTRAGEOUS!! Just SO busy!! I’m still not completely settled in from moving, but it’s all-good!!

MAX GETS HERE IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

He’s coming here for Christmas and New Years and his birthday!! :) It’ll hopefully feel a little more like the Holiday’s when he gets here! Probably as much as it can feel like Christmas in 90 degree weather… haha! I attended Hillsong’s “Christmas Spectacular” last night, and it so made me want to be home! But, I’m here! And it’s going to be AWESOME! :)

Even though classes are done God’s still up to so much!! I FINALLY got a job! About a month ago… but still haven’t been getting all the hours I really need to be able to live, so it’s either get another job, or believe God to provide the hours I need! Just be praying for guidance in that!!

God’s just still revealing a lot about Himself to me!! It’s been so cool! I’m not exactly sure what next semester holds but I know it’s going to be good! He’s about to reveal a lot about what he’s got in store I feel like and I’m super pumped!! :) It’s gonna be cool! It always is when He’s got His hand in it!

I’m sorry this isn’t more full. I attempted to write one about two and a half weeks ago, but then got busy with moving and people leaving that I wasn’t ever able to finish it.

In the time Since I’ve last updated, I got a job!! :) PRAISE JESUS!!! I’ve have graduation ball, which would make you want to stay at college another year, just so you can attend it again. I’ve had graduation, which was so much fun, but so sad all at the same time. People leaving who’ve helped make this place home for me!! I’ve moved out of my old place, and into my new! (I’ll post pictures of the view soon) And I’m not getting ready for the best boyfriend ever, to get here! :) It’s been so crazy and so fast, people going home for good, people going home just for Christmas, everyone moving out and around! It’s just crazy, but it’s so good!! It’s my life here!! :) I love it!! You can see all my tagged pictures from Graduation and Grad. Ball and just life here on my facebook! :)

I love and miss you guys SO much!!!!!! Praying for you all the time!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I’m not able to post before!! Enjoy the smell of your tree’s for me and the cold and the decorations!! Take care of my family those of you who already know how hard it’s been, esp. for momma!! :) You all are my family!! And I miss you SO SO much!!!!!!!!

Michelle :)

P.S. My new address is:

373/8 Lachlan St.

Waterloo, NSW 2017


You’ll notice not too much changed about it except one number!! I’m in the same building just on floor 15 and not 10 now! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"I will see this season through, I will fix my eyes on you, Only You!"


Here’s what’s going on…… I’M IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!! Seriously?? I’m studying at Hillsong… in Australia… I’m HERE!!!!!!! Ugh… I think it finally hit me for REAL last night… it’s so strange. This is my REALITY!!!!!! Not some dream anymore… it’s my life!!! It’s SO CRAZY!!!!!!! We’re getting ready for the new album recording this Sunday night, and we had rehearsal last night, which basically just ended up being a time for the choir to worship to the new songs before everyone else… and I just was with Jesus. Right there… loving on Him, but being loved by Him more. It’s always Him loving me more! There are two songs particular that have resounded with me and where I am right now. One of them is a scripture that God has SO been sharing with me, first in my own quiet time, then from the platform, and then in one of the new songs. Oh my gracious… I just love Him!! He absolutely overwhelms me!! We were in the middle of the song, and I was talking with my friend Lindsey throughout the entire thing because we were both just being consumed with His love, and I just looked at her with tears in my eyes… and felt drenched in love. I’m here… I finally felt like I belonged. It had NOTHING to do with album or because it’s Hillsong, but I was so worn out already, but there was still work to be done… and all I wanted to do was take a quick nap in the chairs and then get back to work. It honestly felt like home, and like family! Like working on all of the vacation bible schools and other events at the church always felt, late nights trying to get stuff done before the date. It sounds weird… I know, that last minute chaos is comforting… but it is! It felt like home, and God totally just loved on me. This is my home now, for the next 8 months at least… this is where I’m suppose to be belonging, and putting in the late nights and feeling like it’s home. I loved it! :) It’s so surreal, that Darlene Zschech was 20 feet in front of me, and I’m part of the team that gets to help her lead worship. HOW CRAZY?!?! :) Joel Houston, Rueben Morgan, Ben Fielding, JD and Jad… ha!! You’ve got to be kidding me. The place I use to you-tube just to get a taste of their worship and see what they do, is now the place I’m calling MY church, my HOME, and I’m apart of making it happen. Not even close to a “big” part, but still!! I get the privilege of being apart of the team that will lead people into worship with these songs all around the world. The same videos I use to watch, I’ll now be in… Our God is a just God. I can’t believe I’m here! :) It’s like a fairytale!!

Anyways… yeah… just needed to share that moment with you all!! :) I hope everyone is have a WONDERFUL first week of November, and had a GREAT Halloween. I can’t believe it’s already November… CRAZY!!!

It’s really weird being here in what I’m use to being fall! Australian’s don’t really celebrate Halloween so there weren’t any Halloween decorations out or candy bags… instead they already have Christmas stuff up, and that’s even weirder, because it’s warming up… I’m going to have a HOT Christmas… WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!! And what makes it worse is I won’t even be with my family… thankfully Max is coming to see me and will be here so I get to spend Christmas with him… In AUSTRALIA!!! Which… is pretty cool for sure! :)

God is so good!!!!!!!! That word, “good” had just resounded with me for the last few weeks and continues to. There’s such a sweetness to it and I love that it’s part of His character. Goodness is not what God has… but who He is!! AGHHHH!!! I love it! :)

Anyways… Just some updates… For those of you who didn’t see my facebook status a few days ago… if you remember me blogging about receiving a random $400 under the door of my flat two weeks ago, God gave me another $340 the same way this Sunday evening!! I now have enough to pay bond and the first two weeks of rent to move out… I’ve been saving the first $400 waiting because I know I would need it for sure at some point, so I now have $740 to go towards the $760 needed in order to be able to move into cheaper accommodation!! :) How cool… haha!! I didn’t even know what to do, humbled doesn’t even begin to describe the place God’s taken me to through all of this. SO GOOD!!!!!! I love Him… just do!! He’s lovely!!

AGHH!!! So… yeah… I’m getting teary eyed again as I’m writing all of this!! Just reflecting on what God does and how it’s so His character!! He is love, and He is blessing!! It’s who He IS!!!!! He is!!! I love it!!

For those of you who are wondering what exactly it is I’m getting from Hillsong, and not just what God’s doing, there is no separation or distinction between the two. Hillsong, is just a church, what’s distinguishing about them from others, is their desire to let God do as He pleases through them. It’s the healthiest church I’ve ever been apart of. I’m under one of the greatest leadership teams in the world, and it’s a lot to swallow especially coming from growing up as a minister’s kid, in multiple churches. It’s just healthy, for the leaders individually, for their families, for the congregation. If I’ve gotten anything from “Hillsong” it would be a healthy image of what to look for and what’s needed for me. But honestly, even that has NOTHING to do with Hillsong, it has to do with their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to guide them as a fully rounded church. What I’m learning here isn’t what you learn with your typical college course, it’s what I’m learning because God’s in the midst of it and is changing the way I eat the apple and drink the water and put on the garments, there’s this whole other level he’s revealing of himself to me, and of our relationship. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! And while I haven’t LOVED every minute of it, there’s this peace that I can barely swallow it’s so overwhelming! I honestly can’t describe what I’m getting from Hillsong, because what I’m getting is from God, and I can’t let Hillsong take the credit for what the Lord has orchestrated and is having His spirit work out in me, while I’m here.

UGH!!!! I just LOVE Jesus, and His Father, and His Spirit that he’s allowed to rest with and in me DAILY!!! He is absolutely overwhelming!! :) There’s this whole new level to Him that’s tangible, and it’s something that I’ve always heard, but never really understood, but I’m starting to!! :)

ALSO… I got a call back from Deon, the manager at E-Spirit, they filled the position, however she spoke with her regional manager and they want me to come in for another interview and see what store they can get me into and trial because she said they definitely want me!! :) God is SOOO GOOD!!!!!! UGH!!! I know that it’ll work out the way it’s suppose to, I’m suppose to hear from them tomorrow, Thursday to schedule me for an interview and trial with the regional manager! :) So please keep that in your prayers and I will keep you updated throughout!

I love and miss you guys so much!! I’m sorry this is so long; it’s just a busy season, and God’s doing so much!! It’s definitely not a “be still and know” season! :) but I’d be ok if it was!! I’d love to hear from all of you at some point!! I’m sorry if the longer this goes on, the less sense I’m making! I’ve had to write it in intervals because I was babysitting all day, and wrote during the naps, and now finishing it up at home! :)

You all matter so much to me, which is why I want you to be fully aware of all the details as much as you possibly can be!! I’m praying for you all!! Thank you for your prayers!

Michelle :)

333/8 Lachlan St.

Waterloo, NSW 2017


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Partnering in Prayer! :)

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is wonderful! I miss you all!! Here are some specific things I’d love to partner with you in praying for and you could pray for

I’m still on the hunt for a job, went out today after having been sick all weekend, and had an on the spot interview at an “E-Spirit” store, and it went really well. I was really encouraged by what the lady had to say even after the interview, but I’ve come to learn not to bank on anything here until it’s officially yours.

They’re having someone else go in on Saturday and trial, and the lady said that if she didn’t go well, she wants me in next Wednesday for one. So I’m praying for favor, and I’m actually fasting until I get a job. I’m going out again tomorrow afternoon to hand out resumes after class, and I’m just trusting that God’s got it! He knows what I need and when I need it, and I can take him at his word when he say’s he’ll provide. He’s provided the babysitting job on Wednesday’s and an occasional catering job, but he knows that I need more money coming in than what those provide, and he’ll bring it.

Here’s what’s been going on, Our grading period is actually almost over!! CRAZY!! The 8th of November is the last day I’ll be graded on anything for the semester, so I have exams and lots of assessments due this coming week and the following. Pray for strength and discipline and all the other things I need in order to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Also, I’VE FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE… a cheaper place! :) It would save me $120 a month on rent, and has a gorgeous view and would be ideal. The only problem is, I found out about the $760 paid in advance rent and bond that are due before I move in at the beginning of December, and without a job, I’m not sure I’m going to have it to be able to move in. Pray for favor and provision

Please pray for healing, I’ve been sick for a week now and am still not sure what it is. My entire flat has it, but it’s taken a toll and me and my roommate specifically. It’s really hard to get everything done that needs to be done when being sick and not having any energy. Especially with the last exams and assessments due and rounding into the end of the semester, it’s crunch time with energy I don’t have.

Last thing, I’ve been praying a lot and asking the Lord, for LOTS of things on different fronts, and part of praying is getting answers or receiving guidance, and I feel like the Lord’s telling me it’s ok to ask for prayer, but also for support. Whether it’s monthly or a one time gift, especially with Christmas coming up, I just really feel like the Lord’s telling me to ask those of you who might feel led, to budget something for a one time giving or a monthly giving. I know that God’s brought me here, and he didn’t bring me here to leave me by myself. He says in Matthew 7, that if you ask you will receive, and I’ve asked from him and received from him. I know that he is clear and particular in how He answers. I’m asking you to seek the Lord, and receive direction in this specific area. I know he’ll make it clear to you on whether or not to give and how much. If he leads you to give, you will be blessed. And if he doesn’t lead you to give, you will be blessed! Everyone will be walking in obedience, and there is SO much blessing to be poured out on His children for that!

I love you all so much and miss you so much more than you could imagine. I know I say it every time, but I really mean it! There is no place like home or the people that make it up! I’m praying for ALL of you, and am so appreciative for all of your prayers. God is good.

Michelle :)

333/8 Lachlan St.

Waterloo, NSW 2017


Monday, October 18, 2010

What a MIGHTY God!!! I'm sitting in LOVE!!!!!!!

So.. twice in one week… I hope everyone is excited! :) I pretty much am!!

Seriously… so… It’s been what? Maybe 4 days since I last posted?? Yeah… I think so!

Here’s the deal… God is GOOD!!!! Understand what I mean when I say Good?? I don’t think so!! Good, is good! There is no bad! Good, is delightful! Good, is a blessing! Good, is comforting!! Good, is our God!!

Read these lyrics slowly, take them in, allow the truth to be revealed that they are! If you haven’t heard it or listened to it in a while… put it on!!

Forever Reign- Hillsong- Beautiful Exchange Album

You are Good, You are good when there’s nothing good in me

You are love, You are love on display for all to see

You are light, You are light when the darkness closes in

You are hope, You are hope, you have covered all my sin

You are peace, You are peace when my fear is crippling

You are true, You are true even in my wandering

You are joy, You are joy you’re the reason that I sing

You are life, You are life, in you death has lost it’s sting

I’m running to you arms, I’m running to your arms, the riches of your love, will always be enough, nothing compares to your embrace, light of the world forever reign!!

You are more, You are more than my words will ever say

You are Lord, You are Lord all creation will proclaim

You are here, You are here in your presence I’m made whole

You are God, You are God of all else I’m letting go!

My heart will sing, no other name, Jesus, Jesus!

My heart WILL sing, NO OTHER NAME!! Jesus, JESUS!!!!!’

This is the song that I’m singing as I’m heading to bed tonight… Our God is GOOD!!! I love how that’s the first very first line to describe Him! It blows my mind thinking that SAME word, he used to first describe us! We were GOOD! He delighted in us!!

SERIOUSLY!!! Oh my gosh… I want to post the lyrics to a new song because some of the lyrics were all I could say after the events that have occurred hourly the past few days!! BUT… I can’t!! Just know that this new album is going to be REDICULOUS!!! :) Recording is in 3 weeks… and I can’t WAIT!!!!

This is gonna be another long one and my roommate has got to hate me right now… and I have to say is what goes around comes around... haha!! As she’s sleeping right now… and I’m up typing away!

ANYWAYS!! So… After I posted my blog… and seriously sitting with God and feeling some peace about all that’s taking place… I feel back into my pit!! I seriously was depressed!! I could barely hold it together when people asked me how I was… I’ve come to realize now.. which took some breaking of pride too, for me to realize the devil was totally taking hold of my emotions!! I’d totally let him control how I thought and how I felt about everything!! I hated admitting to myself that I’d actually let the devil in more than God at that point! I was letting the devil win! BLUH!! It makes me sick to think about it!! I realized it Sunday morning, after EARLY church, serving in choir and sitting in for the sermon! I had to take back what was rightfully mine!! I have to claim the joy I know I have and tell the devil to back off, I have to constantly be praying and asking God to step in and help because I can’t fend the devil off through my own strength! I’m a fool to think I actually intimidate the devil… It’s God in me, and the power HE’S given me to call on His name and call him down that makes the devil want to flee, nothing of my own! It was what the entire sermon was about!! Take captive your thoughts and use the tools that have been given to you!! Prayer being one of the biggest!!

Oh my gosh… so seriously!! AGHHHHHHH!!!! I just want to give you all the details! But out of respect for your time… I’m try and consolidate!! ANYWAYS!! Friday, and Saturday… I was a mess!! Come Saturday night… I had it out with God in a way I haven’t, ever, I don’t think!! I was so distressed and the job was the first thing, because it was hitting more so on why I’m even here in the first place!! If I don’t feel like I have a purpose here, are you’re not providing the way for me to stay… WHAT AM I DOING HERE???????? Come to realize… thanks to the wisdom of my wonderful parents, who have been at similar places like this before… God’s doing some hardcore gardening in my lot! Not tripping… but pulling up the weeds by the roots… which are DEEP in this soil!! He doesn’t want the roots to choke out the fruit… so he’s getting them out!! OH MY GOSH… it hurts like nothing else!! But he’s ridding me of what’s left of me!! He’s shaping me for his purpose!! And after realizing prayer is a conversation… and it’s conversation doesn’t happen one way, and He WANTS to talk to me, about the things I’m praying for!! I’ve begun to let him again!! I had this overwhelming peace Sunday after spending Saturday night on my bathroom floor pouring my heart and frustration out to God, allowing him to pour into me and come meet me Sunday morning through worship, his word, and through prayer with my family (I don’t know what I do without skype!). I was so at peace yesterday and confident in the fact that I HAVE joy, all the time, it’s just a choice I have to make daily!! I just have to RENEW my mind daily and remember that!! It’s training that takes place, and filling yourself with the word helps that process!!

Ya’ll… seriously!! I really, literally can’t begin to cover what God’s spoken to me the past few days… I decided to accept the challenge that’s before me, and not let the devil even begin to think he’s come close to a victory! I’ve come to realize, I am just like the Jews and Israelites of the bible! I was reading in Exodus 14:10-14 today… and realized I’m JUST like them!! They wondered WHY God had taken them out of Egypt if he was just going to abandon them- parallel- God brought me all the way to Australia… I began to question WHY and should I just go back?? They asked and said the same thing!! Should they just return, they hadn’t want to leave in the first place! Just read it and see what happens!! They’re reassured… as the Egyptians are coming to kill them and take them back as slaves- parallel- the devil always on the quest to destroy the children of God, manipulating how they perceive themselves, their circumstances and feed them lies. They panic because they see what they think is about to take place, but Moses reassures them, God’s going to FIGHT for them!! And what does he do next??? HE PARTS THE RED SEA!!! Could they possibly have seen that coming?!?! Not a chance… We CAN’T see what God has planned, but we can TRUST that it is GOOD!! The way he first intended ALL things to be!! The world was first GOOD, we were first GOOD!!! God has every intention to bring us back to the goodness He originally created us in… HENCE! Him sending His son to restore us back to goodness, and a place without sin!! OH WOW!! Seriously… It’s been incredible!! God just kept putting scripture after scripture in my heart, reminding me of how it ALL ties together!! He’s AWARE!! He remembers His promises!! He WANTS to fulfill His promises… we have to choose to let him by relinquishing control to Him!!

OH MY JESUS!!!! You are AMAZING!!! I so wish I could talk to you all… because I think we’re all quicker listeners than we are readers… and I’d rather talk to you anyways!! Just pretend I’m telling you all of this at in our voice lesson, the church hallway, the wal-mart parking lot; WHEVER it is I would run into you and tell you this, or sit with you on a comfortable couch and chat!! :)

GOD IS GOOD!!! He provides and loves and sees and remembers and knows!!

Anyways… after having this whole revelation that God is GOOD, and all aspects about Him are deserving of my praise. In my circumstances and doubts and confusion and fears, HE IS GOD!!!!! HE IS GOOD!!!!! HE IS WORTHY!!! I need NO other reason, NO more provision, NO more good circumstances to understand the truth of the matter is, He deserves all of my attention and all of my praise, ALWAYS!! So what does God do?? He blesses me!! Because he loves me, and that’s His hearts desire!! To bless those who bless him, I’m going to bed tonight having received and envelope slid under my flat door, with nothing more than my name written in it, containing $400! God is GOOD!!! If I never have another dollar to my name, never again have a roof over my head, our God REIGNS and He is GOODNESS!!!!! I’m beyond blessed and amazed and humbled!! He really does care, and he really does hear, and always ALWAYS provides!! Just not always as we expect or ask Him to!!

Yep… that’s my story for now!! I love you all so much!! Miss you TONS!!!! Know that I’m praying for you all!!

Michelle :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our God Reigns; You can't consolidate what is true!!


Finally, getting around to letting everyone know what’s going on over here in Aussie land… :) Sorry it’s been so long, trust me, I would have had a post up long ago if I’d been able to!!

I miss you all so much!!! You have NO idea!! Especially, making the final decision that I’m not going to be able to come home this Christmas!! SAD DAY!! But it will be good, and God has it all worked out I’m sure of it!

So… where to even start!! I’m not even sure!! What was the last thing I posted?? Prob. should look at that and see how much I need to cover. Truth is, it’s almost impossible to cover everything if it’s not a day-to-day update, which I def. don’t have the time for.

So… God’s been up to more than I’m even aware of! I’ve had my ups and downs, and moments where I’m ready to hop on a plane and head home, but I’m here! For as long as it is God has me here, I will remain here!!

I don’t even know where to begin??? I seriously have never been at a place in my life where it was such a rollercoaster daily!! Literally, it’s a daily choice and struggle to determine my attitude for the day! If I’m happy with God and believe he’s holding me in the palm of his hand, or if I’m upset and don’t believe and trust that He knows what it is He’s doing, He’s just enjoying watching me deal with all of this. It’s a lot easier to pick the latter choice, and just absolutely pick my day apart and explain why I think that. Some days, the only thing good I have going for me, is that I’m a daughter of the King almighty!! He’s been teaching me a TON About that too!! That without him, I’m nothing!! That… He is God!! And that doesn’t change according to my circumstances so who the HECK am I to question and doubt the plans he has, which have always been good!

Honestly, dealing with school stuff and church stuff and job stuff, I’ve just been at a complete loss for why it is exactly I am here! Who would have thought?? The girl who had her heart set for YEARS on going to Australia to study at Hillsong, would rather be home more times than not while being there… CRAZY!! But sometimes… that’s just how it is!! In the midst of God doing a big work and big shaping, we’d rather be anywhere but the uncomfortable and aggravating place of change, even if it’s what we thought we wanted for so long! It’s not the place he’s called us to, but the change inside of us. It’s never about us, always about him, and that’s hard sometimes to swallow!! That, in all actuality, me coming to Australia and Hillsong was never about me and what I wanted, but about God and what he planned and still has planned to do inside of me!! To get rid of the nasty dishonoring things, and make himself more evident and visible through my life!

WOO!!! Ok… Not what I expected! It’s not easy, but it’d be harder to give up the joy and peace He is just to keep me comfortable in myself! Christianity isn’t about comfort at all, and if I’m a Christian, I would never be right in thinking I’m right where he’s called me to be if I’m comfortable at that spot! Don’t get me wrong, there’s comfort in the truth that He is God, and He is in control, but the moment I begin to think it’s about me and where I am and am comfortable with that, I’ve lost sight of what my purpose is!!

So… that’s where I am!! Fighting daily to believe that in all this discomfort and uncertainty, that God is still God!! He holds me! He has plans for me! He’s called me! He’s started a GOOD work within me and will see that it is finished!

In my struggle to find a job, He is provider! In my constantly draining, almost empty bank account, He pours out favor on His children! In my confusion, He is purpose! In my disbelief, He is faithful!

Have you ever had those periods where you’re just so frustrated and upset with God where you can talk to him all day, giving him a piece of your mind, but you won’t let him talk to you and you avoid picking up your bible because you’re so upset with Him?? That was me this past week!! I spent 4 days of my break, looking for a job and finding not one thing!! I had an interview at a place last week but they ended up filling the position before I could come in and trial with both managers, so that went down the drain! I’d already spent 2 days hunting for jobs when I got the call that they’d hired someone else, and spent two days afterwards. What do I have to show for the 30 resumes I passed out and the few I filled out online? ZERO! I was so upset with God because I pay rent this week, and that’s it! I have enough for one more trip to the grocery store and that’s all! So, last night after spending all day handing out resumes all over town, I felt like I just needed to genuinely lay it down at His feet, and let him talk to me, what else do I have to loose?

So I journaled to Him and laid it down, my frustration and confusion and anxiousness and worry! I opened my bible, and just flipped! I just had a peace that he was going to talk to me! Well… talk to me He did!! With the SAME scripture… LITERALLY the same exact scripture, in two separate books and spheres of the bible. I read first in Isaiah, closed my bible, didn’t feel like I was done, opened it back up… was flipping through… stopped in Luke… just happened to be the section where Jesus was at the temple in Nazareth and had been handed a scroll to read from… what was it?? The scroll of Isaiah with the SAME verse I’d just read!! Out of all the verses and chapters in Isaiah, Jesus quotes Isaiah 61 in Luke 4! BLEW MY MIND!!! Do I know what it means? Not just yet, but I do know God’s purposed my life for his kingdom, and will provide all that I need in the right time!

I haven’t gone a day without a meal, and I haven’t gone a night without a roof over my head! I have to say I’m doing pretty good! I’m at a completely new place in my life, and it terrifies the snot out of me, but in my fear, God is God! He reigns sovereign and lovingly! Looking out for His sons and daughters! I’m apart of His family, and He won’t ever let His children be without! I’m not exactly sure if it’s going to be a job he provides, but I know he’ll provide enough to cover my needs! In whatever way he see’s most fit! The scripture actually makes me think it’s not going to be from the number of resume’s I handed out over the past 4 days, but the scripture assures me that he will. His way’s are not my ways, and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, he tells me elsewhere through His scripture. I’m clinging to truth right now!

What you could pray for: a job and money! Friends! A more economical place to live at the end of November! What God’s teaching me! Peace and assurance! A trusting and believing heart! Open doors! Clarity and guidance!

I know God’s brought me here, he’s assured me numerous times that He’s appointed me to lead, and the dreams in my heart are dreams He placed! He’s provided this far, He’ll provide that much further and more!

Thanks for your prayers and for being interested!! I’m SO sorry I haven’t been better about keeping you all up to date!! I’ve been failing at placing value on all of you back home and I promise to try my best to do better! You all mean so much to me, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for each of you uniquely and instrumentally used in bringing me here weather you’re aware of it or not! I pray constantly for you all as a whole and individuals when God brings you up specifically! God is good, and He is love! He’s holding you just as much as He’s holding me! Don’t hold things back from the one who holds it all!

Just to prove God knows and he see’s his Children and their needs… As I was signing onto the internet to post this, I got this text from a precious girl named Melody who is in all of my classes:

“Hey beautiful :) soo good to see you today! The Lord just brought you to mind and wants you to know that he will meet all your needs :) he is faithful to answer! Sleep good and know you are loved!”

That’s MY God… He holds me!! He sees me!! He created me!! He loves me!! He KNOWS me!! He’s going to provide for me!! Wow… ok!! Yep… someone else needs to know that too!! In my midst, in our midst… He is! And always will be!

Thank you so much Jesus!!!

Love, Michelle :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good onya, on me for a new post!! :)

So… I’m trying to do better!! I think I updated last week, which is really good!! Right now I’m at the Hills Campus taking care of the Wakerley’s baby, because they are filming next years children curriculum and videos. So… I’m out here in the children’s room keeping their little boy! :) He’s asleep… so I figured instead of updating JUST on Hillsong life… I’d give you all a little bit of Australian life too!!

1. They have VERY limited cereal choices. All of the Americans are trying to deal. It’s pretty funny actually, but really annoying when you’re really just craving a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Captain Crunch…

2. Bacon here… NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! To American bacon… It’s basically… Ham!! It’s thick and isn’t even the same cut from the pig that Americans call bacon! It really is, just like ham.

3. EVERYTHING here, tastes different, Except for Coke! And Sprite here is better!

4. They have parrots that are just birds. They’re not everywhere I am, but there are some areas you go and parrots are all over the trees and just flying around.

5. They drive on the other side of the street… SO WEIRD!! I freaked out the first time I rode in a car, still have the tendency to tell my friend Josh he’s going the wrong way into traffic!! It’s really crazy! Turns are the worst!!! I still haven’t figured them out!

6. Everybody here… calls each other a legend! I was telling Max (my boyfriend) about that last week… and we’d literally just the day before been talking about it, and when I was skyping him someone came in and said hey… and they were like yeah… “Michelle’s totally a legend!” One of my friends from here wrote it on my wall too! It might be a Hillsong thing but… Legend…

7. Not all of them, but some of them call afternoon, arvo.

8. Good onya- means, “That’s awesome of you” or “great job” it depends on the context it’s used in!

9. Everyone rejoices when something is free or under $10! Aka… nothing here is cheap… and RARELY is there something we get for free around here!

10. Vegemite is an Australian favourite… I haven’t had it… but apparently only Australian’s love it!! Something you have to grow up loving… or prepare it right.

11. The Australian’s call it “Asian invasion” aka… sometimes I’m not sure what country I’m in!

12. There is no one-stop shop place ANYWHERE here!! Nothing where you can buy everything you need… like Wal-mart!! However… they are getting a Costco soon! :)

13. New Zealanders and Australians have different types of accents… and they call New Zealanders “Kiwis”

14. It’s totally easy to have an Australian accent… only when you’re praying after one!! The whole “Repeat after me” deal… yeah… the only time I even come close.

15. In dollar stores around here… there is nothing under $7

16. Cookies… are called “biscuits” and they don’t have normal biscuits!

So… There are just a few things about Australian life so far… I think It’s been too long since I’ve gotten here that I’m not even sure what exactly is all different anymore!! HOWEVER… the one thing I’m certain that is different for sure is the church culture and environment. It’s not home… but it’s the healthiest church I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s the only church I’ve ever been to in my life that empowers their congregation to believe that they themselves are leaders. There isn’t a difference between the leaders and the congregation because they believe, as Christian’s we’re all leaders. Some of us are leaders in the church… but all of us are called to lead this world. And each of us impact different areas of it. They believe that It’s just as much the congregations responsibility to lead the church as it is Brian and Bobbie’s and everyone who is in between them. It’s crazy!! I honestly can’t think of another environment I would want to be a part of. It’s so neat to see how they allow and encourage people to find what STRENGTH and gift God has blessed them with. It’s hard for me to believe and adjust to the fact that my campus pastors and the worship leaders see me as their equal and respect me and what God’s placed on my life. THAT’S church family. That’s the kingdom of God!! And it’s beautiful!!! It’s taken some adjusting to, and some trust barriers to fall… still is!! But God’s church is beautiful!! And by no means is it perfect… but when you bring the best that you can, your excellence, which is different for each of us but you allow God to do the rest, it’s incredible to see how God transforms atmospheres and lives and situations… DAILY! Absolutely blows my mind!! So neat!! :) Only God…

So… that’s pretty cool!! Still taking lots of adjusting to! Please pray for me, because it’s basically a roller coaster day to day!! There’s SOOOOOO much, on my plate!!! I’m really stressed out between church/school (they go hand in hand these days) and trying to figure out a job that provides what I need, and trying to figure out the time that I even have for that job, OH… and trying to figure out when I’m suppose to sleep and rest, and process through everything that God’s doing just on the inside of me!!!! It’s ridiculous… and I’ve had about 2 melt downs in the last 2 weeks, it’s a struggle… so please just pray for God’s provision and assurance and peace and strength. I know he’s brought me this far, he knows what I can handle, He’s asking me to trust, just pray!! Because it’s even CRAZIER than I thought it was going to be! BUT… God has me here!! And has the people surrounding me he knows I need!! Back home, and here!! It’s hectic… but I’m trying to trust and be positive!! I’m here… Praise the Lord! :) ALSO… I had my first performance for classes Yesterday… My Tuesday! And I was super stressed… I’m 1 of 4 vocalists in my band (our 5th one has been sick since she got here) and I’m the only one who speaks English as their first language, and one of 2 that has ever performed or done music before or performed before, and I felt like I was the only one who was really stepping up to the plate and taking charge or putting opinions in… and It’s been really frustrating!! I’ve had my moment about it, and I’ve come to realize, after talking to my roommate, because there’s a whole heap of things that I’ve really struggled with and been frustrated about with the worship class aspect of school, and my roommate pointed out, that God’s totally teaching me and growing me, just not in the area I ever expected it to be coming here! I came to study Music right?? WRONG, I signed up for God to absolutely demolish any attitude or behaviour that wasn’t glorifying to him. I came to learn, and I’m SO learning, just wasn’t ever what I could have expected!! SO… please pray for me in that area too!! I never realized how hard I really am, and how easily frustrated I get sometimes… GET IT GONE GOD!!! Haha! :) That’s what he’s doing… I’m laughing about it now, but I totally wasn’t yesterday morning or the past 2 months!! BUT… Our performance went really well!! I got some really encouraging feedback from people, which was needed!! Sometimes you know where you’re suppose to be, but you question if you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing because you don’t seem to be moving forward in it at all, God totally knows what we need!! ALL the time!!! I don’t always trust or believe that he does tho!

I love and miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate missing football games (Georgia State’s first season!! GO PANTHERS!!! Aka… GO MAX!!!!! J) and birthdays (Stephanie’s was Monday the 6th!) But I’m here… and God totally keeps reminding of that!! HE’S holding me!! My foundation isn’t Georgia or the states or my family and friends… It’s the God who holds the entire universe in his hands. He knows me SO much better than I could ever know myself… and has purpose and plans… and love!!! He chooses me even on the day’s I don’t choose him!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Father!!!

Anyways… YEP!! I’ll be home at Christmas… and I can’t wait to see ya’ll!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Michelle :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been WAY too long!!

I am SO sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated all of you!!! It’s been CRAZY busy, and It’s only getting busier!!! It’s INSANE! But great! :) Please pray for strength and rest for me! It’s already been really rough only having one day a week to rest, but now I don’t even have that!! I already got sick last week, and I pray it’s the last time while I’m here, but who knows with my schedule!! So please just pray for protection from sickness and strength and alertness during my VERY long days!!

SO… here’s what’s been going on!! Where to even start??? I GOT A JOB!!! :) Every wed. from 9-5, I will be at the church taking care of the Children’s minister’s baby boy, Orlando. I’m not sure how much I’ll be making yet, but the Lord’s provided the job, I know he’ll provide the amount I need, and if not here, he’ll provide the time and the place to get another job. YAY GOD!!! :)

Church has been incredible!! God’s just been DOING work in my heart and with things I didn’t know still chained me!! Not there yet, but I know he’s gonna free me from them SOON!! It’s been hard, but that’s why he brought me here!! I have SO many things I didn’t even know I needed to sort through!

There’s lots of stuff going on around me that’s testing my personal beliefs and it’s been REALLY trying challenging, but it’s got me digging and finding the truth for myself and shaping MY thoughts. It’s been a struggle, to even find the time to personally seek out my questions, but it’s been good when I have!!

We’ve got the new CD recording the first weekend in November and I’m PUMPED!!!!!!! :) It’s gonna be awesome!! I can’t wait!! The only issue with Worship here, is it doesn’t go long enough!!

Honestly though, I can’t even begin to explain ALL that God’s doing!! He’s testing and trying me in ways I didn’t think I needed to grow in!! He’s FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!! Teaching me how to love ALLLLLLL people!!! Different personalities, different ages, different hygiene, different cultures, different understandings!! It’s been SO hard!! Especially Saturday mornings with the Embrace team (going to nursing homes) I HATE it, but I know God has me there!! I’m just praying and asking that it’s not longer than it has to be!! OH, ONLY JESUS!!! Have you ever had those?? ONLY because Jesus is putting you there, are you capable… this is my ONLY YOU JESUS!!!

OH gracious!! It’s past the roses and green pastures!! Still in them, but the shock and newness of them have worn off, it’s becoming familiar in a sense, but God’s still God!!

It’s been really weird for it to wear off, because it’s HILLSONG, It’s AUSTRALIA… my DREAM and ambition for the last 5 years, and it’s here!! I’m here!! It’s weird!! Honestly, God’s teaching me that things WILL wear off, regardless of how long we’ve wanted them!! Things will become familiar, BUT He’s still God regardless! He’s still placed us there, he’s still IN control, and has purpose!! He still died, and I’m still unworthy without him!! The issues I had back home WILL follow me and won’t just not be an issue anymore because it’s a new place, but they’re actually something I’m going to have to work and process through, and I can!! Regardless of how much work some of the things are, because of CHRIST, I can!!! It’s worth it, because my life has purpose, and can be used to make his name more famous, because I choose to go through the fire!! “This is my prayer fire, in weakness or trial or pain…. There is a faith proved of more worth than gold, SO REFINE ME LORD THROUGH THE FLAME!!!”

I was reading in Ecclesiastes 2 earlier last week, and God totally just WHOOSHED down on me!! It was just me and God, at the coffee shop, I was reading my bible, already journaled, just wanted to spend time with him, and he totally gave me a glimpse of how worthy he is. The author is talking about what’s the point of life under the sun? Some people of wise and some are foolish, some people bust their bums to succeed and achieve and prosper… for what?? To die and pass it on to someone who could destroy everything you strived for your entire life in a matter of a few years?? It’s crazy!! REALLY, what’s the point???? The point is, he revealed to me, that the wise and the foolish ALL face the same day of judgment!!! Being knowledgeable and successful in this life, doesn’t save you from eternity!! Being wise doesn’t set you apart from the world, what sets you apart is HIS name, and how you live under it!! Life, LITERALLY has NO PURPOSE, without his name attached to yours!! It’s one of those “BUT God…” things!! Nothing under the sun means anything, none of it has a purpose, BUT because GOD chose us, we can have life and know purpose!! ONLY through HIS name is that possible!! It was a way cool moment, and it’s been a daily revelation since then, just a little more and more each day!! SO cool!!!! :) That’s our God!!!

Anyways, this is long as usual!! Please just be praying over provision in finances and in my time management and strength and rest!! It’s already been challenging, but God’s got it!! I miss you ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited to be home in December, even if it’s just for a bit!! :) Australia is great, but there is NO place on this earth like home!! Especially not when all the people who have a piece of my heart are all in that place!! :) I love you guys, and am praying for ya’ll!!! (FYI… Ya’ll is totally a southern thing, I get picked on ALL the time from everyone for saying it, minus the few who are actually from the south too!!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hope it was worth the wait for ya'll!!

I’m SO Sorry it’s been so long… it’s just been SUPER crazy… and God’s been doing so much!! It’s hard to sit and think after he completely rips you apart! (In a good way!!)

I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I updated everyone!! Basically though… the Lord is beyond GOOD!!! And love his children enough to teach them how to be more like him and glorify him with our hearts! Because if our hearts aren’t behind it, our actions are void!! It’s not by our works but by our faith and belief in him he recognizes us!!

SO… the last 2 and a half weeks… Sum it up for you…

God sent strangers to me at a coffee shop to encourage me in what He has planned for me! I wasn’t suppose to be at the coffee shop, and it’s by chance I was by myself… I love how he knows what he’s doing!! :) Funny story… yours truly totally busted it on the way home from church one night, totally face planted while walking with my friends and landed on my hand!! I was cracking up but it pain… thought I broke my pinkie but it was just jammed, and SUPER swollen… could bend it but it hurt really bad!! God healed it the next day after my roommate prayed over it! Swelling was comparatively down a TON, and I could completely fist my hand, every finger!!

I started classes, which the first two weeks are something they call intensives! Had my last day of those Friday, and start for real classes tomorrow! Intensives were INSANE!!! SUPER long days, but overflowing with truth and Jesus doing WORK in the hearts of everyone I’ve talked to, me included!!

They basically… wanted to set us all straight before we started getting involved in the church and working in groups together! Bottom line, it doesn’t matter WHERE we’re serving or how small our part feels… we’re all just as equally important as the person standing beside us! Just as important as the person with the guitar and mike in their face, just as important as the person handing out the bulletins, just as important as the person making coffee!! Being in the choir is just as important of a role as being in the front ensemble! We’re all part of his body, and all of our desires are to bring people to JESUS! Not for our own fame, but for their lives sake and the fame of the one we call savior!! It doesn’t matter if we’re up front or in the back as long as we’re giving our best in the area that we’re serving!! Because in the end, God has called us to love HIM, and love people!! (Hillsong’s motto!!) What we should all live by!! It’s the biblical call of God’s children in simple terms!!

It’s been INCREDIBLE!! I can’t even begin to explain all that the Lord’s been doing in my heart and all that he’s been teaching me!! That’s the last two weeks in SUPER summary form!!

I’ve served two weekends now, and LOVE it!!!!!! I sing in choir, work with the kids, and am part of what they call street teams! Which is out of church ministry!! They go into the surrounding communities every Saturday, and clean houses and provide company and do yard work for the people who are physically incapable, can’t financially do, or just need someone to invest in them as a human being!! I’m in a branch of that ministry which is called embrace!! And instead of going to surrounding houses, I go to surrounding nursing homes and spend time with the elderly!! It’s crazy how different each culture is!! If I thought sticking someone in a nursing home back home was bad… having that done here basically means, no one cares!! The people in them never have visitors!! It’s like they’re completely forgotten about!! SO… the mission of the team I’m on is to go and love and invest in the lives of the older community!! I had my first Saturday!! It was interesting!! But SO good!! It seemed so simple to me for it to be something Hillsong does… but it’s loving people in Jesus’ name!! I felt like a middle schooler at camp again, because we sang some songs for them and then just chatted with them!! SO simple, but SO vital for that community!! For someone to actually take the time out and come see them and spend time with them!! The man I spent majority of my time talking to was Mr. Cooper!! It was a little hard to understand him and what he was saying… but what I did get was that He has two sons and one was suppose to have come to visit the last few Saturdays and has yet to make it!! He said, “I hope he’s able to make it! I’m not sure what happened but he hasn’t made it yet!!” He hasn’t seen his son in over a year!! UGH!!!!! It broke my heart!! That’s someone DAD!!!! Took everything in me not to fall apart!! And it is now!!

SO… anyways!! Onto a happier note!! I’ve so enjoyed every BIT! Of school and church and life here!! Well… maybe not all of life here… it’s SO different, but the joy of church and school completely overshadows it all!! God is so good and I’m amazed at his love daily!!

I had my first connect group meeting this week, their version of home-teams or FE groups! And I LOVED it!! My leaders are 1st year 2nd semester students and I love them!! They’re so precious and our first time together as a group was precious!! One of my leaders dad had a brain aneurism in May… after she’d been here 5 months… and she was told there was a 1% chance that he would be a functioning person again!! He had no brain activity or anything!! After TWO months… he’s now learning to walk again and is talking a bit!! PRAISE GOD!!! When I was talking to her, she said, “I never in my life thought I’d be happy that my dad could pee, but he peed on his own for the first time last week!! PRAISE JESUS!!” She then went onto say though, that anything that could go wrong back home, WILL why you’re here!! Because the enemy is going to try and knock you down and take you back to prevent what the Lord has in store for you over here!! I’m totally praying for protection against that!! I ask that you do the same!! And pray for protection over everyone around me back home, and the family God’s blessed me with over here!! That SAME night, my flat-mate, who is in the same connect group as me, got a call from her mom telling her that her dad was moving out for at least two months to figure things out!! Please be in prayer over her heart, Kristine, because she has no relationship with her dad as it is, and her not being home for her mom and dealing with other family stuff… she just fell apart!! The enemy is already trying to tear it apart before it’s really even begun, but I ask for you to PLEASE partner with me in prayer against the attacks!! I’ve been constantly covering Kristine and her parent’s marriage and her family since I found out!!! The enemy is trying, but we won’t give way!!

MRS. JEANNIE… I just want you to know, BEAU IS BEING COVERED!!!!!! This morning in the prayer meeting the choir covered him with healing and believing the Lord will bring it!! Ya’ll don’t understand HOW much the belief that God is ABLE, is over here!! And the entire school and church is praying and believing that God is able to take the cancer and tumor out of Beau’s body forever!! I’m not exaggerating when I’m telling you the ENTIRE Hillsong City Campus Community is pleading the blood of Jesus over Beau’s body!!! No more sickness!! I can’t WAIT to see how the Lord is going to use Beau more than he already has, because the enemy is very aware of God at work in Beau’s life!! (Totally listening to Desert Song right now too….) GOD IS SO GOOD!!! :)

Anyways… I’m about to have to head out for Sunday night service!! It’s my 4th service this weekend… close to prob. my 50th in the month of being here… and I’m still ready for more!!! When God’s in it, when people around you love you and treat you the way Jesus does, you can’t get enough!! When the leaders are transparent and practice what they preach, God is revealed even more!!

This whole entry is prob. crazy sounding and doesn’t make a lot of sense because it’s so scatter-brained!! But it’s what the Lord is doing!! I’m praying for you all back home!! I love and miss you all the time!!

It’s only been two full weeks of classes and its already completely indescribable what the Lord’s been teaching me!! Like honestly… all I know is that he IS, and all I pray is that my life testifies to that, and that he’s seen through me!! Words can’t describe it, but communication isn’t what’s said, it’s how its said and portrayed!!

Believing that the joy he brings me is evident enough in my life words aren’t needed for people to be curious about what’s different!!!!

Michelle!! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So… I know I’d said I’d write about Sunday morning, but truth is, it’s been crazy busy, and I never got around to it after I got off Sunday!! BUT… I remember it was INCREDIBLE!! I’m not going to go into too much detail about it because I have a more recent service I attended and can share about!! The 18-25 group meets every Wednesday night, called Powerhouse!! And last week we didn’t have it because we had a joint group on Friday instead with all of middle and high school students!! The past few days have just been so fun and so awesome (I’ll go into detail about last night in a minute!!) Monday we had brunch as a new student intake, it was the first time it was ONLY new students and so it made things a lot easier and it was such a good time!! I love the friends I’ve made but it’s been cool to get to know other students from all over the place also! Tuesday, yesterday, we actually went to Bondi and Bronte beaches!! We got out at Bondi and walked this GORGEOUS trail to Bronte up on cliffs and everything!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my GOSH!! You have NO idea… it was SO much fun too; walking with all new students and just getting to know each other and sit in Gods creation together and share out hearts and hear what everyone’s expecting God to do this next year!! I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a solid internet connection, but they’ll be up SOON!! :)

Today was the last day before we start orientation and enrollment tomorrow, and they had a trip to Manly Beach today (the harbor with the bridge and opera house) as a group, but I opted out! I was in DESPERATE need of alone time, me and Jesus and his word and my guitar! I woke up a little bit discouraged because I thought I’d have my flat to myself because everyone was planning on going, but I woke up to find that only one of my three flat-mates went, so my time was going to be a challenge! But God KNOWS what he’s doing! :) So instead of me being inside with him, he stopped the rain and led me to a park right beside our apartment complex that has a HUGE hill, that overlooks just about all of Sydney!! So I spent the day on a hill!! My friend Lindsey went too, we just sat in different areas! But I was able to talk with Jesus and love on Him and let Him love back on me, and Just sat with him!! It was SOOO needed, and I’m not keeping the park to myself, I’m just not telling anyone about it! Haha! :)

So I came home from my time and got ready for Powerhouse tonight, and was SO ready to encounter Jesus with a full band and lots of hungry hearts surrounding me!! And OH MY GOSH, is that what I got!! I can’t even BEGIN to explain, from the first chord to walking in the door of my flat, how thick the presence of God is in this place!! Learning to lead others into the presence of our God is what I came for, but little did I know I’d be learning how to be lead in worship!! There’s this thickness and saturation and THIRST AND DESIRE for Jesus to come down and TRULY change the lives of those in attendance, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before!! And I can tell you one thing for sure… PLEASE listen to me… it’s not because I’m at Hillsong… it’s not because of the structure of the country I’m in… it’s because it’s God’s children saying mediocre is NOT ENOUGH!! That being ushered into the presence of the Almighty is not something that is to be taken lightly so we PRAY and we SEEK and we PLEAD with our Father to come MAKE HIS NAME KNOWN!!! For his Face to shine on us, and he DOES!!!! The hunger and desire is genuine not for a few in the body of the church, but the odd ball is the one who isn’t genuine about it!! I just bawled on a row by myself tonight during worship because everyone surrounding me had already staked their ground at the altar, and the foot of the floodgates!! There was such FREEDOM!! To jump, to dance, to shout, to cry, to be still, to WORSHIP OUR GOD!!!!!! I opened my eyes during the middle of one of the songs, and I’ve never been apart of such uninhibited worship before, not even at Passion! I CAN’T explain it to you, other than to tell you I can’t get ENOUGH, and honestly for the FIRST time, I didn’t feel like one of a few, but one in a majority!! I’m honestly watering down the explanation because it’s SO different than anything, many of us, have ever seen!! I wanted MORE and DIFFERENT!! It’s why I came, and this is just the beginning!! I’m sorry if I’m stepping on any toes, but there’s now way to accept or understand the lukewarm when there is SO MUCH MORE, all you have to do is ASK!! It doesn’t always come immediately, because we don’t always fully understand what we’re asking for and the Lord has to prepare us for His greatness!! But it is GREAT and WORTH the patience and glorious pain of unquenchable desire!!

The Lord has brought me here, and has SO reassured me of that in the times of worship in my own time, and in services!!

Please continue praying, joy doesn’t come without the sufferings or the trials!! It’s how we know the difference!! I have orientation the next 2 days, and auditions on Friday (ya’lls Thursday!) Thank you so much for your prayers! Know that I’m praying for ya’ll just as much!! I love and miss you!!! The Lord is Great and Glorious!!

P.S.--- tonight at Powerhouse, instead of having a message, they actually set up a panel chat with some of the United Band members, not Joel or Brooke, but some of the other members also!! Def. not what I was expecting but God used it as confirmation over more than one thing! SO COOL!!! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The first of many....

So... it's been SO CRAZY!!! :) God is SO good!! There were a few days where it got a little rough for me, but STILL God is GREAT!! And true to His word, and never leaves His children!! And I AM HIS CHILD!!! It blows my mind!! I've just had some precious time with God revealing how much he loves me!! I'm here, five years after the dream was birthed, with these people, for one SPECIFIC reason!! "for such a time as this..." is all that keeps resonating in my spirit! The friends I've made, the reason why now, everything leading up to it, purposed for the same thing, HIS GLORY!!! All in different ways, but the same goal and purpose!! It's beautiful, and I'm SO PUMPED for what God has in store!! There's a group of 4 girls particularly God has knit me with so far, Kristine and Carly are my "flatmates" and two other girls Angela (from california studying worship, emphasis keys), and Lindsey (from texas studying worship emphasis voice). I'm so blessed and overwhelmed at my father's love for me.
Friday night was actually my first official Hillsong event, they had "United Night" which i thought was going to be a recording, which come to find out, everyone here just kinda communicates by word of mouth, and it was a RELEASE night of these EP style cd's that the United band has going on, they've been working on ones for each season and this was the release of the Winter one. It was also one of the four times a year that they gather together all of the youth for a night of worship and word. Their youth consists of the middle school, high school, and also college aged kids!! They're all usually separated except the occasional night out of the year. So it wasn't actually a recording like I'd thought, but it was still awesome! It took me a little while to get into worship because I was so overwhelmed by everything going on around me, and was still a bit jet lagged, it was just a lot to take in I didn't feel like I was fully there!
I don't have time to post about church this morning, because I'm at a coffee shop and they're getting ready to close up, and the way they have internet set up here, is RIDICULOUSLY annoying... but I will word it, that way it's fresh for all of you!! And post in tomorrow or Tuesday!! :) Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts!! God is SO good, and I'm so excited to see what he has planned this next year!!
Tomorrow I'll actually be meeting most of the new students! This past week was "settling in" week, students were coming in every day and no one really knew who any one was because we're all spread out through an apartment complex!! But they have actual new student activities this week!! Tomorrow is brunch at the church, tuesday, they're taking us to Bondi beach, and wednesday, they're taking us to the bridge and opera house!! Thursday and Friday, ORIENTATION!!!! :) It's an exciting week!!

QUICK... for those of you who wanted to know... my address here is
333/8 Lachland St
Waterloo NSW 2017

I miss you ALL SO MUCH!!! :) But so enjoying what God's already doing!! I'll be in touch soon!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting settled

So it's been 5 full days here in the land down under... and I was FINALLY able to get some things done today!! :) It's been an insane adventure of wrong buses and no phones or internet and not having a CLUE as to where in the world we are!! Tuesday we were trying to take the bus out to the mall to get some stuff for out apartment, and ended up down at the harbor by the bridge on complete accident!! Then after eating because we were starving, we got on the bus that took to absolute longest to get to the mall!! haha! it was just crazy!! :) After 2 days of failure... the Lord was good and provided the time and people and strength... to go to ikea and get stuff for our "flat" is what they call apartments here!! As well as get a cell phone!! :) It's been a CRAZY past few days... but God is good!! When i say we, I'm mostly talking about my roommate Amy who I actually met before leaving!! :) She's from peachtree city and studying worship as well!! We've got 2 other flat mates, Carly from Michigan, and Kristine from Flordia!! But but we've met people from all over the world! It's SO cool!! All of the girls are precious and It's gonna be an exciting year!! :) It's draining and very different being here, and its more than just the side of the road they drive on!! The first time I got on a bus, i was about to die i thought because it's SO weird the driver being on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road, turns are def. the worst and scariest moments!! But it's fun and I know everything is going to be wonderful once classes start!! Just trying to learn my way around this crazy big town right now!! haha!! It's been interesting to say the least!! LOTS of funny stories... and almost melt down moments where I was just ready to come home because it's so chaotic and doesn't feel even close to home yet... with a mattress on the floor with an insane amount of hard springs... no heat because of the bills... no comforter because i didn't know where I was going, no phone to call anyone I've met here to ask where I was going... hahaha!! It's been an adventure! but the Lords been stable!! And knew it was time to make some of those things happen today! :) Which is wonderful!! I have some videos of my flat and some of the adventures... I'm trying to figure out how to upload them to my facebook now, but I'll get them up soon if it doesn't work out tonight!! Please continue to pray over what God has in store!! It's already been very trying, but I KNOW the Lord has me here!! Even in the little things, like furniture, just ask for God to provide what out apt. needs in order to feel like home!! Because all of my roommates and I are trying to be as careful as we can with our money, and are trusting that God will provide what we all need!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!! I'll post VERY soon!! :) I'm SO Excited for school to start and I actually get to go to a pre recording concert tomorrow night for the new United CD! I can't WAIT to worship and get this thing going!! but having this week to get settled in has been wonderful and needed as well!! I love and miss you ALL!! :) Be in touch soon!!
Rosa Michelle! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

On the Way

So… I’m sitting on my flight to L.A. that connects to Sydney, in amazement!! Is this REALLY happening right now?!?! Am I FOR REAL on my way to study at Hillsong in Australia!! No way did I really just leave Georgia, my family and friends, and am moving across the world… hahaha!!! WOW GOD!!!! :) I am so overwhelmed and blessed and amazed that he’s really got me doing this!! He placed the dream five years ago and is really bringing the fruit about!! I’m SO excited about what God has ready for me this coming year!! So eager and desiring his spirit to pour out in a new and fresh way in my life, and reveal more of himself to me in a deeper and more intimate way!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I’m really doing this?!?! Hahahaha!! I LOVE it!! I’m so amped up on excitement right now I don’t even know what to do!! :) I left for Australia with $6,700 in my account!! YAY GOD!!! It’s been a CRAZY crammed week and I’m still not even sure if I got everything done I’d intended to, but off I go!! :)

I can’t wait to get there and get stuff settled in and update everyone!! It’s so exciting!! :) If ya’ll could please be in prayer for a safe flight to Sydney, a restful first few days in Sydney before classes start July 19th, for God to begin opening the door for a job for me!! That he knows and is certain of what I’m suppose to do and the energy and time allowed for it!! This is about to be the craziest year of my life yet I feel like, but I KNOW he has it!! Thank you all SO much!! God is SO good, and LOVES, OH how he ADORES and FAVORS his children!! That’s what I rest in!!

I’ll be in touch SOON!!!!! :) Miss you all SO much already, but am ready to get there and get started!! Even though the adventure and lessons begun the night I got home from Bonefish and was on the phone with Pastor Aaron from the school, and he called and told me I’d been accepted!! It’s been a ride, and it’s not anywhere CLOSE to being over!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting Here!

So... it's been INSANE!!! Getting to this point! haha!
God is SO good!!

Here's the story from the beginning until now!

As a sophomore (in high school) and being involved in the youth group, I began leading worship, and through that God began to craft this story!
It was less that 7 months after I started leading worship, I felt God calling me to lead worship. Less than 6 months after sensing the call to worship itself, He placed the dream of going to Australia and studying at Hillsong.
Years have gone by, and in March last year, I began to ask the Lord what his will was for my. I wasn't sure if Hillsong and going to Australia were things he still wanted for me, or if it was only something I wanted for myself. Through LOTS of prayer and seeking out His voice, God has assured me He still has this planned for my life.

It's been CONSTANT affirmation since September really. Constantly, God had something or someone in my face bringing up Hillsong or Australia.

So I started my application in November, but didn't finish it until the last few weeks of January. Every time I thought I was done, I'd reread, and something just wasn't right. FINALLY, everything felt complete and I sent it without anyone rereading it, and I guess it was right, because I'm enrolled for July 2010 classes in Sydney, Australia at Hillsong International Leadership College.

Since being accepted, I got an email saying I would be receiving my acceptance letter in the mail, and I would need to sign and return it, but also have all or half of tuition in order to confirm my spot. I had half, but if I paid at two separate times, I'd have an additional 10% fee to pay of total tuition (not about to spend more money than I really have to). So after a week of stressing and praying and trusting God, because HE knew that little bit of info was coming, I knew he'd make a way. Talking with a friend, who only knew about my acceptance and I was in the process of explaining the letter, I was told that their family had already decided to pay all of my tuition and I had a check for $5000 with my name on it.
And the few hours leading up to this one conversation is just humorous!! God KNOWS what he's doing! He'll make a way, he already has! He's told us COUNTLESS times, TRUST ME!! I KNOWWWWW the plans I HAVE FOR YOU!!!!! (Jeremiah 29:11)

It's been CRAZY!! It would take DAYS for me to tell you how everywhere I turned I saw God's hand and even then I'd probably forget some still! :)

So... today, March 12, 2010... God has made it clear what he has planned for at least the next year of my life. Through scripture, through RANDOM mail addressed to me, through other followers, God's made it, and continues to make it possible for me to follow Him.