Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting settled

So it's been 5 full days here in the land down under... and I was FINALLY able to get some things done today!! :) It's been an insane adventure of wrong buses and no phones or internet and not having a CLUE as to where in the world we are!! Tuesday we were trying to take the bus out to the mall to get some stuff for out apartment, and ended up down at the harbor by the bridge on complete accident!! Then after eating because we were starving, we got on the bus that took to absolute longest to get to the mall!! haha! it was just crazy!! :) After 2 days of failure... the Lord was good and provided the time and people and strength... to go to ikea and get stuff for our "flat" is what they call apartments here!! As well as get a cell phone!! :) It's been a CRAZY past few days... but God is good!! When i say we, I'm mostly talking about my roommate Amy who I actually met before leaving!! :) She's from peachtree city and studying worship as well!! We've got 2 other flat mates, Carly from Michigan, and Kristine from Flordia!! But but we've met people from all over the world! It's SO cool!! All of the girls are precious and It's gonna be an exciting year!! :) It's draining and very different being here, and its more than just the side of the road they drive on!! The first time I got on a bus, i was about to die i thought because it's SO weird the driver being on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road, turns are def. the worst and scariest moments!! But it's fun and I know everything is going to be wonderful once classes start!! Just trying to learn my way around this crazy big town right now!! haha!! It's been interesting to say the least!! LOTS of funny stories... and almost melt down moments where I was just ready to come home because it's so chaotic and doesn't feel even close to home yet... with a mattress on the floor with an insane amount of hard springs... no heat because of the bills... no comforter because i didn't know where I was going, no phone to call anyone I've met here to ask where I was going... hahaha!! It's been an adventure! but the Lords been stable!! And knew it was time to make some of those things happen today! :) Which is wonderful!! I have some videos of my flat and some of the adventures... I'm trying to figure out how to upload them to my facebook now, but I'll get them up soon if it doesn't work out tonight!! Please continue to pray over what God has in store!! It's already been very trying, but I KNOW the Lord has me here!! Even in the little things, like furniture, just ask for God to provide what out apt. needs in order to feel like home!! Because all of my roommates and I are trying to be as careful as we can with our money, and are trusting that God will provide what we all need!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!! I'll post VERY soon!! :) I'm SO Excited for school to start and I actually get to go to a pre recording concert tomorrow night for the new United CD! I can't WAIT to worship and get this thing going!! but having this week to get settled in has been wonderful and needed as well!! I love and miss you ALL!! :) Be in touch soon!!
Rosa Michelle! :)

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