Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rounding the bend...

Dear Lord… I can’t believe how LONG it’s been since I’ve last blogged… but even more than that, I can’t believe how SOON I come home!! It’s OUTRAGEOUS!!! I think that might be why I haven’t wanted to sit down and write… because I know what I’m writing about is the conclusion of the year I’ve spent here… the year I anticipated for five, and at the end of a 6 year journey, it’s “done”. IT’S CRAZY!! I know it’s not done, but you know how you have those monumental times in your relationship with God and in your life? Well… being here was one of those monumental things for me, and it’s crazy to think that it’s kinda… done.

Anyways… more on that in a bit; Since I last wrote Max’s mom was getting ready to come. Well… she and her best friend, Darlene, made it and we had some of my favourite adventures since being here. God totally blessed our time together and gave us things we never could have dreamed. For those of you who don’t know, Max’s favourite animal is a penguin. Well after an adventure through “Kangaroo Valley” (where we didn’t see any roos) we drove from the mountains down to the beach to watch the sunset. So the four of us got out of the car and were walking… Max and I were racing to the water (it was low tide) and mid-run, we freeze because there is this thing… and we were trying to figure out what it was without scaring it and getting to close when we both realized IT’S A PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!! It was a sick penguin and we actually took it to the vet, but we got to pet it, and it was so weak and tired it waddled up to Max’s foot and laid it’s head on his foot. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and was totally nothing we expected to see. It’s one of the many highlights I have of our time with here.

We had lots of other adventures but I won’t spend the whole blog talking about them… because I totally could! :)

So, other than that... what’s gone on? We had a college break and I worked 50 hours during that week… it was a bit hectic yet rewarding in the end. I also… have officially been marked Competent on all of my assessments at Hillsong International Leadership College, as well as finished my last “real” week of classes as of 12:15 this afternoon. These next two weeks we have “conference intensives” and the week following is then the 25th Anniversary celebration of Hillsong Conference. I’ll be serving in the kid’s ministry doing “events” which is all of the running behind the scenes making sure venues are set and ready to go, communicating with the venue and the team. It’s gonna be a full on next 3 weeks but so good.

It’s so weird getting stuff packed up and thinking about moving back home. I remember getting ready to come here this time last year… and it’s over. SO weird. I don’t feel like I’m done with Hillsong yet, not clear about College, but I do know God’s directed me home for at least the next 6 months. I’m not sure what’s in store but I know it’s right, I could be back in January… but I’ve decided I’m only making 6 month plans at a time right now. So… home… here I come at least until Jan. :)

I really can’t believe how long this year has felt but so quick at the same time. The people I’ve met, the friendships I’ve made, the work God’s done. It’s unreal. Still, thinking about it feels fake. You think it’d become more real the more time you’ve had with it… it’s still a dream. God’s done so much… even now He continues to. It’s been an adventure and will continue to be because it’s more than just being here… it’s my life. It’s who God is to me, real and alive and moving. Taking me places only He could dream of… it’s so cool. I can’t even think right now about what all He’s done because He’s still in the midst of doing it.

It’s a bit crazy… Who know’s what exactly comes next… all I know is I’m still not quiet done here… 3 more weeks! I’m going to try and update you all again before I come home, and if it’s not then… I’ve got 20 hours on a plane before I get to ya’ll so I should get something done then! :)

Please just pray for packing to go smoothly, my last bit of finances, and what God’s doing as He is preparing me to come home. As myself and the whole of Hillsong gets ready to head into conference and the craziness it’s going to be, just as for strength and ability and for God to prepare all of those who will be in attendance. It’s going to be incredible.

I love you guys and miss you, but not for too much longer! :) I’ll talk to, possibly see you before, soon! :)