Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting Here!

So... it's been INSANE!!! Getting to this point! haha!
God is SO good!!

Here's the story from the beginning until now!

As a sophomore (in high school) and being involved in the youth group, I began leading worship, and through that God began to craft this story!
It was less that 7 months after I started leading worship, I felt God calling me to lead worship. Less than 6 months after sensing the call to worship itself, He placed the dream of going to Australia and studying at Hillsong.
Years have gone by, and in March last year, I began to ask the Lord what his will was for my. I wasn't sure if Hillsong and going to Australia were things he still wanted for me, or if it was only something I wanted for myself. Through LOTS of prayer and seeking out His voice, God has assured me He still has this planned for my life.

It's been CONSTANT affirmation since September really. Constantly, God had something or someone in my face bringing up Hillsong or Australia.

So I started my application in November, but didn't finish it until the last few weeks of January. Every time I thought I was done, I'd reread, and something just wasn't right. FINALLY, everything felt complete and I sent it without anyone rereading it, and I guess it was right, because I'm enrolled for July 2010 classes in Sydney, Australia at Hillsong International Leadership College.

Since being accepted, I got an email saying I would be receiving my acceptance letter in the mail, and I would need to sign and return it, but also have all or half of tuition in order to confirm my spot. I had half, but if I paid at two separate times, I'd have an additional 10% fee to pay of total tuition (not about to spend more money than I really have to). So after a week of stressing and praying and trusting God, because HE knew that little bit of info was coming, I knew he'd make a way. Talking with a friend, who only knew about my acceptance and I was in the process of explaining the letter, I was told that their family had already decided to pay all of my tuition and I had a check for $5000 with my name on it.
And the few hours leading up to this one conversation is just humorous!! God KNOWS what he's doing! He'll make a way, he already has! He's told us COUNTLESS times, TRUST ME!! I KNOWWWWW the plans I HAVE FOR YOU!!!!! (Jeremiah 29:11)

It's been CRAZY!! It would take DAYS for me to tell you how everywhere I turned I saw God's hand and even then I'd probably forget some still! :)

So... today, March 12, 2010... God has made it clear what he has planned for at least the next year of my life. Through scripture, through RANDOM mail addressed to me, through other followers, God's made it, and continues to make it possible for me to follow Him.

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