Sunday, July 18, 2010

The first of many....

So... it's been SO CRAZY!!! :) God is SO good!! There were a few days where it got a little rough for me, but STILL God is GREAT!! And true to His word, and never leaves His children!! And I AM HIS CHILD!!! It blows my mind!! I've just had some precious time with God revealing how much he loves me!! I'm here, five years after the dream was birthed, with these people, for one SPECIFIC reason!! "for such a time as this..." is all that keeps resonating in my spirit! The friends I've made, the reason why now, everything leading up to it, purposed for the same thing, HIS GLORY!!! All in different ways, but the same goal and purpose!! It's beautiful, and I'm SO PUMPED for what God has in store!! There's a group of 4 girls particularly God has knit me with so far, Kristine and Carly are my "flatmates" and two other girls Angela (from california studying worship, emphasis keys), and Lindsey (from texas studying worship emphasis voice). I'm so blessed and overwhelmed at my father's love for me.
Friday night was actually my first official Hillsong event, they had "United Night" which i thought was going to be a recording, which come to find out, everyone here just kinda communicates by word of mouth, and it was a RELEASE night of these EP style cd's that the United band has going on, they've been working on ones for each season and this was the release of the Winter one. It was also one of the four times a year that they gather together all of the youth for a night of worship and word. Their youth consists of the middle school, high school, and also college aged kids!! They're all usually separated except the occasional night out of the year. So it wasn't actually a recording like I'd thought, but it was still awesome! It took me a little while to get into worship because I was so overwhelmed by everything going on around me, and was still a bit jet lagged, it was just a lot to take in I didn't feel like I was fully there!
I don't have time to post about church this morning, because I'm at a coffee shop and they're getting ready to close up, and the way they have internet set up here, is RIDICULOUSLY annoying... but I will word it, that way it's fresh for all of you!! And post in tomorrow or Tuesday!! :) Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts!! God is SO good, and I'm so excited to see what he has planned this next year!!
Tomorrow I'll actually be meeting most of the new students! This past week was "settling in" week, students were coming in every day and no one really knew who any one was because we're all spread out through an apartment complex!! But they have actual new student activities this week!! Tomorrow is brunch at the church, tuesday, they're taking us to Bondi beach, and wednesday, they're taking us to the bridge and opera house!! Thursday and Friday, ORIENTATION!!!! :) It's an exciting week!!

QUICK... for those of you who wanted to know... my address here is
333/8 Lachland St
Waterloo NSW 2017

I miss you ALL SO MUCH!!! :) But so enjoying what God's already doing!! I'll be in touch soon!!

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