Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So… I know I’d said I’d write about Sunday morning, but truth is, it’s been crazy busy, and I never got around to it after I got off Sunday!! BUT… I remember it was INCREDIBLE!! I’m not going to go into too much detail about it because I have a more recent service I attended and can share about!! The 18-25 group meets every Wednesday night, called Powerhouse!! And last week we didn’t have it because we had a joint group on Friday instead with all of middle and high school students!! The past few days have just been so fun and so awesome (I’ll go into detail about last night in a minute!!) Monday we had brunch as a new student intake, it was the first time it was ONLY new students and so it made things a lot easier and it was such a good time!! I love the friends I’ve made but it’s been cool to get to know other students from all over the place also! Tuesday, yesterday, we actually went to Bondi and Bronte beaches!! We got out at Bondi and walked this GORGEOUS trail to Bronte up on cliffs and everything!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my GOSH!! You have NO idea… it was SO much fun too; walking with all new students and just getting to know each other and sit in Gods creation together and share out hearts and hear what everyone’s expecting God to do this next year!! I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a solid internet connection, but they’ll be up SOON!! :)

Today was the last day before we start orientation and enrollment tomorrow, and they had a trip to Manly Beach today (the harbor with the bridge and opera house) as a group, but I opted out! I was in DESPERATE need of alone time, me and Jesus and his word and my guitar! I woke up a little bit discouraged because I thought I’d have my flat to myself because everyone was planning on going, but I woke up to find that only one of my three flat-mates went, so my time was going to be a challenge! But God KNOWS what he’s doing! :) So instead of me being inside with him, he stopped the rain and led me to a park right beside our apartment complex that has a HUGE hill, that overlooks just about all of Sydney!! So I spent the day on a hill!! My friend Lindsey went too, we just sat in different areas! But I was able to talk with Jesus and love on Him and let Him love back on me, and Just sat with him!! It was SOOO needed, and I’m not keeping the park to myself, I’m just not telling anyone about it! Haha! :)

So I came home from my time and got ready for Powerhouse tonight, and was SO ready to encounter Jesus with a full band and lots of hungry hearts surrounding me!! And OH MY GOSH, is that what I got!! I can’t even BEGIN to explain, from the first chord to walking in the door of my flat, how thick the presence of God is in this place!! Learning to lead others into the presence of our God is what I came for, but little did I know I’d be learning how to be lead in worship!! There’s this thickness and saturation and THIRST AND DESIRE for Jesus to come down and TRULY change the lives of those in attendance, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before!! And I can tell you one thing for sure… PLEASE listen to me… it’s not because I’m at Hillsong… it’s not because of the structure of the country I’m in… it’s because it’s God’s children saying mediocre is NOT ENOUGH!! That being ushered into the presence of the Almighty is not something that is to be taken lightly so we PRAY and we SEEK and we PLEAD with our Father to come MAKE HIS NAME KNOWN!!! For his Face to shine on us, and he DOES!!!! The hunger and desire is genuine not for a few in the body of the church, but the odd ball is the one who isn’t genuine about it!! I just bawled on a row by myself tonight during worship because everyone surrounding me had already staked their ground at the altar, and the foot of the floodgates!! There was such FREEDOM!! To jump, to dance, to shout, to cry, to be still, to WORSHIP OUR GOD!!!!!! I opened my eyes during the middle of one of the songs, and I’ve never been apart of such uninhibited worship before, not even at Passion! I CAN’T explain it to you, other than to tell you I can’t get ENOUGH, and honestly for the FIRST time, I didn’t feel like one of a few, but one in a majority!! I’m honestly watering down the explanation because it’s SO different than anything, many of us, have ever seen!! I wanted MORE and DIFFERENT!! It’s why I came, and this is just the beginning!! I’m sorry if I’m stepping on any toes, but there’s now way to accept or understand the lukewarm when there is SO MUCH MORE, all you have to do is ASK!! It doesn’t always come immediately, because we don’t always fully understand what we’re asking for and the Lord has to prepare us for His greatness!! But it is GREAT and WORTH the patience and glorious pain of unquenchable desire!!

The Lord has brought me here, and has SO reassured me of that in the times of worship in my own time, and in services!!

Please continue praying, joy doesn’t come without the sufferings or the trials!! It’s how we know the difference!! I have orientation the next 2 days, and auditions on Friday (ya’lls Thursday!) Thank you so much for your prayers! Know that I’m praying for ya’ll just as much!! I love and miss you!!! The Lord is Great and Glorious!!

P.S.--- tonight at Powerhouse, instead of having a message, they actually set up a panel chat with some of the United Band members, not Joel or Brooke, but some of the other members also!! Def. not what I was expecting but God used it as confirmation over more than one thing! SO COOL!!! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The first of many....

So... it's been SO CRAZY!!! :) God is SO good!! There were a few days where it got a little rough for me, but STILL God is GREAT!! And true to His word, and never leaves His children!! And I AM HIS CHILD!!! It blows my mind!! I've just had some precious time with God revealing how much he loves me!! I'm here, five years after the dream was birthed, with these people, for one SPECIFIC reason!! "for such a time as this..." is all that keeps resonating in my spirit! The friends I've made, the reason why now, everything leading up to it, purposed for the same thing, HIS GLORY!!! All in different ways, but the same goal and purpose!! It's beautiful, and I'm SO PUMPED for what God has in store!! There's a group of 4 girls particularly God has knit me with so far, Kristine and Carly are my "flatmates" and two other girls Angela (from california studying worship, emphasis keys), and Lindsey (from texas studying worship emphasis voice). I'm so blessed and overwhelmed at my father's love for me.
Friday night was actually my first official Hillsong event, they had "United Night" which i thought was going to be a recording, which come to find out, everyone here just kinda communicates by word of mouth, and it was a RELEASE night of these EP style cd's that the United band has going on, they've been working on ones for each season and this was the release of the Winter one. It was also one of the four times a year that they gather together all of the youth for a night of worship and word. Their youth consists of the middle school, high school, and also college aged kids!! They're all usually separated except the occasional night out of the year. So it wasn't actually a recording like I'd thought, but it was still awesome! It took me a little while to get into worship because I was so overwhelmed by everything going on around me, and was still a bit jet lagged, it was just a lot to take in I didn't feel like I was fully there!
I don't have time to post about church this morning, because I'm at a coffee shop and they're getting ready to close up, and the way they have internet set up here, is RIDICULOUSLY annoying... but I will word it, that way it's fresh for all of you!! And post in tomorrow or Tuesday!! :) Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts!! God is SO good, and I'm so excited to see what he has planned this next year!!
Tomorrow I'll actually be meeting most of the new students! This past week was "settling in" week, students were coming in every day and no one really knew who any one was because we're all spread out through an apartment complex!! But they have actual new student activities this week!! Tomorrow is brunch at the church, tuesday, they're taking us to Bondi beach, and wednesday, they're taking us to the bridge and opera house!! Thursday and Friday, ORIENTATION!!!! :) It's an exciting week!!

QUICK... for those of you who wanted to know... my address here is
333/8 Lachland St
Waterloo NSW 2017

I miss you ALL SO MUCH!!! :) But so enjoying what God's already doing!! I'll be in touch soon!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting settled

So it's been 5 full days here in the land down under... and I was FINALLY able to get some things done today!! :) It's been an insane adventure of wrong buses and no phones or internet and not having a CLUE as to where in the world we are!! Tuesday we were trying to take the bus out to the mall to get some stuff for out apartment, and ended up down at the harbor by the bridge on complete accident!! Then after eating because we were starving, we got on the bus that took to absolute longest to get to the mall!! haha! it was just crazy!! :) After 2 days of failure... the Lord was good and provided the time and people and strength... to go to ikea and get stuff for our "flat" is what they call apartments here!! As well as get a cell phone!! :) It's been a CRAZY past few days... but God is good!! When i say we, I'm mostly talking about my roommate Amy who I actually met before leaving!! :) She's from peachtree city and studying worship as well!! We've got 2 other flat mates, Carly from Michigan, and Kristine from Flordia!! But but we've met people from all over the world! It's SO cool!! All of the girls are precious and It's gonna be an exciting year!! :) It's draining and very different being here, and its more than just the side of the road they drive on!! The first time I got on a bus, i was about to die i thought because it's SO weird the driver being on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road, turns are def. the worst and scariest moments!! But it's fun and I know everything is going to be wonderful once classes start!! Just trying to learn my way around this crazy big town right now!! haha!! It's been interesting to say the least!! LOTS of funny stories... and almost melt down moments where I was just ready to come home because it's so chaotic and doesn't feel even close to home yet... with a mattress on the floor with an insane amount of hard springs... no heat because of the bills... no comforter because i didn't know where I was going, no phone to call anyone I've met here to ask where I was going... hahaha!! It's been an adventure! but the Lords been stable!! And knew it was time to make some of those things happen today! :) Which is wonderful!! I have some videos of my flat and some of the adventures... I'm trying to figure out how to upload them to my facebook now, but I'll get them up soon if it doesn't work out tonight!! Please continue to pray over what God has in store!! It's already been very trying, but I KNOW the Lord has me here!! Even in the little things, like furniture, just ask for God to provide what out apt. needs in order to feel like home!! Because all of my roommates and I are trying to be as careful as we can with our money, and are trusting that God will provide what we all need!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!! I'll post VERY soon!! :) I'm SO Excited for school to start and I actually get to go to a pre recording concert tomorrow night for the new United CD! I can't WAIT to worship and get this thing going!! but having this week to get settled in has been wonderful and needed as well!! I love and miss you ALL!! :) Be in touch soon!!
Rosa Michelle! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

On the Way

So… I’m sitting on my flight to L.A. that connects to Sydney, in amazement!! Is this REALLY happening right now?!?! Am I FOR REAL on my way to study at Hillsong in Australia!! No way did I really just leave Georgia, my family and friends, and am moving across the world… hahaha!!! WOW GOD!!!! :) I am so overwhelmed and blessed and amazed that he’s really got me doing this!! He placed the dream five years ago and is really bringing the fruit about!! I’m SO excited about what God has ready for me this coming year!! So eager and desiring his spirit to pour out in a new and fresh way in my life, and reveal more of himself to me in a deeper and more intimate way!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I’m really doing this?!?! Hahahaha!! I LOVE it!! I’m so amped up on excitement right now I don’t even know what to do!! :) I left for Australia with $6,700 in my account!! YAY GOD!!! It’s been a CRAZY crammed week and I’m still not even sure if I got everything done I’d intended to, but off I go!! :)

I can’t wait to get there and get stuff settled in and update everyone!! It’s so exciting!! :) If ya’ll could please be in prayer for a safe flight to Sydney, a restful first few days in Sydney before classes start July 19th, for God to begin opening the door for a job for me!! That he knows and is certain of what I’m suppose to do and the energy and time allowed for it!! This is about to be the craziest year of my life yet I feel like, but I KNOW he has it!! Thank you all SO much!! God is SO good, and LOVES, OH how he ADORES and FAVORS his children!! That’s what I rest in!!

I’ll be in touch SOON!!!!! :) Miss you all SO much already, but am ready to get there and get started!! Even though the adventure and lessons begun the night I got home from Bonefish and was on the phone with Pastor Aaron from the school, and he called and told me I’d been accepted!! It’s been a ride, and it’s not anywhere CLOSE to being over!!!