Monday, July 11, 2011

Landing back home...

Hello All!

I seriously think I’ve had the craziest and most surreal week of my entire life. I’ve landed in LA, just waiting for my flight to Atlanta… I’m no longer in Sydney! WHAT??!?!?! I’m actually really freaked out, because just like you all have gone on living life back home, I was building one in Sydney! And now, I’m coming back to pick back up? Do it differently? I don’t know! Def. do it differently, because I am different and God’s done different things in me, but how do you go back to something so familiar, something you’ve been doing all but one year of your entire life, and change it? I don’t know… but we will definitely see now won’t we! It is so crazy to think, I’ve gone… what I talked about for so long, I’m now returning home from! Whether it’s for good, or just a bit, it’s still the weirdest thing ever.

Anyways… so life my last few weeks in Sydney were OUT OF CONTROL!!!! They were so busy as we got ready for conference and as I got ready to leave… God continued to work and build friendships and relationships with people. I love how God never neglects a moment of our time. He never takes us somewhere, before we’ve actually gone. He didn’t take me “home” or shut me out of being there before I boarded the plane! Even at church on Saturday night I met with new people. All of conference was meeting and serving with people I’ve never seen or heard of before in my life. God really blessed me, and grew me. He gave me the opportunity to be the Events coordinator for “The Ark,” which is our 3-5 year olds in the children’s ministry, Hillsong Kids. I got to work with the events coordinator for all of Hillsong Kids Australia, and book vendors to provide food and do all the official business stuff and represent Hillsong on a professional level with people who might or might not go to church, or like Hillsong. That was all the two weeks prior to conference, and then the week of conference, I got to make sure all the little kiddies were safe and all the rooms/venues were ready to go, and do some creative designing for bump-in and welcome. A lot of this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but because I AM HOME (at least will be in the next 10 hours), you can ask me about it when you see me around! :)

It was an unreal 3 weeks. From what God did with me, to what He did with Max and me, He just blessed me. Not gonna lie, it was really hard to get on the plane! To leave all the friends and family I’ve made over there, but I know God’s called me back home even if it’s just for a short season. My last day was possibly one of my favourite days. Max and I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens that over look the harbor bridge and the opera house. It’s one of my favourite places in Sydney, and played with the cockatoos, and then that night hung out with everyone playing games and all the girls stayed the night with me! :) It was a lot of fun!!! Just SUPER weird!

So I’m actually back home now… have been for a full day! I ended up boarding the plane so I wasn’t able to finish this in LA and then passed out on the plane and have just spend time with the family since being home. But I wanted to clue everyone in. It’s SO weird being back here… it honestly feels like a dream. It’s the weirdest thing, but it’s good! :)

We went to El Sombrebo last night, my first meal back!! It was the first time I’d had REAL Mexican since I left, got me some sweet tea to drink!! It was wonderful!! :) And today I just spent the morning hanging out with my dad, then the afternoon shopping with my mom, then came home and spent time with Linda when she got home from the summer camp she’s working at. (Stephanie is gone to Africa until the 18th, and Ashley is up in Kentucky until the end of July). It was such a good day! I got to see my grandparents and my baby cousin. It’s SO weird to think it’s actually been a year. I haven’t seen any one in a year, yet life still seems the same in a sense. But it was a great day!! I’m home… not to say I don’t miss Sydney, b/c I do! And I want to take my entire family to go because it’s just beautiful and Hillsong is unreal, they’d love it…. But for now… I’m home!!

It was so weird driving home last night… it felt like we were on the wrong side of the road, and when I went to flush the toilet there was a knob and don’t a button to push, and when I walked out side it was hot and humid, and when I’m going somewhere, I’m actually in a car and not a on a bus or walking. Life is going to take some getting use to again, it’s all just kinda funny!

Just so everyone in aware… I’m kinda taking a holiday to myself for my first few weeks home. I’ll be around for the most part, but have some stuff I need to do, and it’s best I get it done before I jump back into the full swing of things. Things like getting my wisdom teeth out, and just recuperating from a full-on year, as well as Jet lag! Haha!!! :) Anyways… I’m home! And I can’t wait to see you all! Love you guys and I’ll see you soon! :)