Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sleep deprivation and an engagement

If you aren’t already aware… I have an announcement
Most of you already know which is why I’m posting… because apparently when you get engaged your body wants to deprive you of sleep.  I’ve hardly slept the last 4 nights, got the most this past night and it’s only 5 am and I’ve been up since 3 if that tells you anything… went to bed at 11! BUT… In Jesus name, I will be rested and well regardless! Somehow still making it through each day, too much to get done!! But I figured since I can’t sleep I’ll update you guys again (and it is soon after my last post). J

For those of you wondering we don’t have a set date yet, however it will be sometime in December/January, and yes I mean this coming December or January.  J Sorting out dates and venues now.  We know exactly what kind of ceremony we want and know God has the perfect place picked out for us.  We know the date we want to get married and we’re certain God will provide the venue for that date! I can’t explain to you guys… as MUCH as there is to get done and sort through not just on the wedding side but on the actual what life looks like when we get married, we’re both at peace and know God’s got every big and little detail already sorted out for us.  He’s provided above and beyond up to this point and we believe we’re only going to see an increase in that as we enter into marriage.  We’re SO pumped!!  We so appreciate all the well wishes and prayers and thank you as you continue to pray for us as we come together and begin life as one. To answer some of the questions I know everyone is asking, we WILL be getting married back home in GA, but we will be moving back out here after the wedding.  Max finishes school in November and we both plan on doing a second year (at least) starting in January.  So we’ll get married with enough time to come back here and get settled before classes start. SO MUCH TO DO, but God’s got us.  He’s purposed us together and we know it, and know that every detail pertaining to that, he’s got it already sorted.

So, now for the story you all want (some of you have seen pictures).  Max flew in Monday morning and I picked him up from the airport… He told me I got to pick what we were gonna do his first day back, last week while he was home, but by the time he got showered and comfy it was too late so we just spent the day doing what we do best, being together.  We went to the royal botanical gardens (which sit right on the harbor, they’re STUNNING grounds and one of our favorite places), we took a blanket and books and just hung out and read for a few hours.  Max was really quiet all day and he’d already told me before not to bug him about something being wrong, he was just gonna be jetlagged, so I didn’t… I just thought he was tired.  It got pretty cold after a while so we decided to go get some coffee at Starbucks on the harbor and just hang out there.  We walked in and two of our friends from school/church were working and ended up giving us free coffees (that wasn’t planned).  I already was so blessed by God for that I just thought it was so sweet how he would bless us with friends that insisted (they came and took our order, they don’t do that at ANY Starbucks) even after Max got up to go pay they were just like seriously it’s no big deal.  So we got our personalized coffees (I got a hot chocolate) they wrote our names on it… and I was happy as could be! J My boyfriend was back and we were just relaxing having the best day.  So after a while, it was like… 4:30/5?? We go to leave and Max said lets not go home yet, if we do I’ll pass out and won’t be able to sleep tonight… So we went for a walk along the harbor and run into two of our friends from school busking (playing on the street for money).  So we stop and chat to them for a minute and I see Max’s flat-mate sitting back behind them but he’s tucked away and not paying attention, so I ask Max if it’s Zach and he acknowledges that it is, but doesn’t move to speak so I just assume we’ll see Zach when we get home.  Ha!!! So conversation finishes and our friends are gonna get back to playing, I start walking until I realize Max isn’t beside me so I stop and listen because he has, and that’s when I hear the song our friends were playing.  It’s our song.  From senior year before we ever started dating but were hanging out and liking each other? Ya know?? Those times… this song from an unheard of artist, became “our song”.  NO ONE other than my sisters and some friends know that song… So, at first I’m still like “wait… how do you guys know…” and then I get it that something is actually happening because Max is reaching for something, his flat-mate stands up and another one comes out from for real being hidden, I start freaking out asking what is going on… I look at Max and he’s got red eyes (they weren’t red just a minute ago) he’s shaking, and I’m just looking at him like is this really happening and he’s nodding his head knowing I’m so confused as he takes my hand and gets on one knee, he’s apparently saying that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me (I didn’t hear it) and asks me to marry him.  I didn’t even know what to do… I couldn’t speak and I was just standing there with my mouth open… nodding my head like an idiot!! So… He stood up and put the ring on my finger… we got cheers from all the tourists who had stopped to watch… it was hilarious!!! The whole thing happened SO fast, I didn’t even know how to piece it together.  Still am just like… really???
We’ve gotten to spend the last few days together and it’s been so good… because I’ve had time to realize and he’s had time to recover from jet lag… it’s been so great!!! I just look at him and am so overwhelmed every time… and am feeling more and more settled knowing I actually get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.  So incredible!! We’ve been so blessed!!! Everyone over here is so stoked!! Ha! We can’t walk a corner without getting a congratulations… but it’s so good!! J Max got called out in chapel the morning after, as a praise report and I was up in the offices so I heard it but wasn’t in there… and the whole college just started cheering.  One of my friends was like I for real almost started crying!! She was like it was a full on minute at least of the loudest cheering, and as soon as the emcee said Max’s name it just erupted… J It’s so cool!! Ha!! SO, thank you all for the love and support!!!!!! We’re so excited!!!! J And if you want to pray that I’ll be able to sleep, I wouldn’t mind that either! J We love you all and are so encouraged and excited!!! 

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