Friday, July 27, 2012

Long time, I know!

I’m so sorry I’m terrible at updates… I promise it’s not intentional! :/

Regardless of that fact,  here’s what’s happening down here in Aussie Land…
God is moving and it’s actually incredible to bare witness to!
We just had the 26th Hillsong Conference where leaders and believers from all around the world came, not only did they come… but with them they brought their kiddies.  Whom I got the massive privilege to host.  Conference was incredible.  From Kidsong, to Jam (youth) to actual conference itself for the adults… God was up to something.  We had numerous kids give their lives to the Lord.  And it wasn’t in the manner that some kids just do… The first night of conference, before we’d had any day rallies… Beci Wakerly (Kids Pastor) brought such a Holy Spirit driven, God given challenge and word to our kids and the leaders hosting them that week.  I can’t imagine God wanted anything other than that to kick-start the week he had planned.  It was how the whole week was.  The kids had life and fruit bearing messages spoken to them two times a day and I’m telling you they weren’t your typical, average Sunday School teachings.  They were similar concepts, but the holy spirit refused to be ignored and made himself known to those kids that week.  I had the privilege of getting to pray with the kids who made decisions a few times after altar calls, and some of the conversations I had… wow!!! One little boy who attends my Saturday night service became a Christian in his heart that week.  I asked him why he was back there because I thought he’d already made that decision before, and he told me he’d done it because his friends had before, but he wanted to do it that night for himself and because he meant it.  I got the blessing of praying for him and God gave me a word for him… That little boy is going to be apart of changing the world one of these days… I tell you what!! He already is!! He’s a kid, yes… but He’s a kid who loves Jesus and prays in faith and believes on behalf of his friends and has preached… And to think it’s only his beginning! HOW GOOD IS GOD??? Another little girl told me (I didn’t know her before the week) she was JOYFUL! And When I say joyful I mean overwhelmed with joy!! Not in a hyper, oh my gosh I’m so excited, kind of way that kids can be when they hear something pleasing to their ears… no! She was JOYFUL, and she couldn’t keep it to herself that Jesus came into her heart that night.  She was half in tears, half couldn’t stop smiling… because she said she’d raised her hand before because she wanted the bracelet and because her friends did… but she raised her hand that night because she knew Jesus wanted her to for him.  She was so overwhelmed by the fact that she didn’t even want the bracelet she just wanted Jesus to be in her heart and make his home there… I’m still just… in shock at what God did in that one week.  I was speaking to Beci the following weekend at church and just told her it was an unreal week, and she couldn’t agree more.  What God did was different to what He’s done in years past.  He went to a depth with the WHOLE conference He hadn’t been before.  And it was more than just Kidsong I heard that about.  The conference itself… shifted something for all in attendance… Jam (The youth part of conference) kids face down surrendering situations and lives and circumstance to their maker! Wow… He is  SO good!! It was an incredible week, but honestly one of the most challenging of my life.  I was emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted.  Never in my life have I woken up in the morning and literally not know how I’m going to make it to the end of the day! I experienced his grace and strength within me in a new way, and it was unreal.  There’s no way possible I would have made it to through the week without His help. 

But it was awesome and I wouldn’t do it any other way! And NOW… in my life… Max has been home fore 3 weeks and gets back on Monday! WOO HOO!!!!! J haha! We’ve sworn off distance for the rest of our lives!! Never again!! We don’t care that we’ve two 6 month periods of distance like this… never again!! Ha! J
So He gets back… I had to change jobs because of government/visa requirements! I had my last day at E-sprit on Monday, have interviewed all week at various places… and I got a job at Coach and start work/training Friday this coming week! It was the one I wanted most, and it’s the one I got!! J She asked me if I was excited when she called to tell me, I told her I was containing myself so I didn’t hurt her ears with my cheers of excitement! We got off the phone and I almost started crying! God’s goodness and faithfulness is unreal.  In my moments of doubt and fear and worry and unfaithfulness, He still carries me and provides and presents me with opportunities that our simply wants!! He’s so good!! There’s a lot going on other than this as well… but I wanted to update you guys on conference and what’s kinda new!! J
ALSO, both of my sisters are back from Africa!! Thank you for your prayers and support of them!!   God moved and used them!!! He’s too good!! J

I DO promise I’ll try and do better! There’s so much more I want to tell you guys but I think this is good for now!!! I hope you all are enjoying the sunny hot weather! We’re still kinda freezing over here at the moment, but the days are looking more and more promising of SPRING!! J

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