Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Hello hello it's me again, it's me again..."

Hello everyone!! :)

So… I counted it up the other day with some of my friends here… and I can’t believe it will have been a year in 4 months!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously…. It’s ridiculous how quick the time has flown by! I can’t wait to be back home with you so soon, but I also hate knowing the rest of my time here is so limited!
It’s been unreal since I last updated you all. I’ve officially started back because I had my first 2 assessments due yesterday! I absolutely love being back for real!! It’s great! My tutorial group is great, my teachers are amazing and there’s just so much to get! I feel like I’m more open this semester than I was last semester, and more aware of the classes and what they have to offer.
I think my favorite class has got to be Old Testament. All the first years have it together, with our principal, who is AMAZING! She’s huge into the Old Testament, and is actually learning Hebrew now. She’s been to Israel heaps of times, and is so knowledgeable and good at imparting her knowledge. She manages to turn every class (a 2 hour class once a week) into a sermon.
There’s just so much to take from it about how to read it and apply it, but how to keep perspective that it was written as a history log… just SO much! I love it! I walked out of class this past Thursday, just mind blown and ready for more.
I feel like this semester, and even talking with some other students, we’re much more receptive to what’s being taught because we’re not so new anymore. We’re not the newest intake; we’re not new to the culture; we’re not new to church life, we’re just much more settled and comfortable and can focus a little more.
I just love this place. I seriously have heard God this semester giving more direction than anything else and it’s quite exciting! I know he covered a lot last semester on the tedious internal details of me, but this semester I feel like he’s still working on that however He’s trusting me with more of his vision for my life. It’s been so great just to be with him and talk to him. Not always easy, hearing what he’s got to say, but he’s softening my heart to be capable of carrying all that he’s purposed out for my life, and knowing that is really cool!
I promise to blog soon, and give some more nitty gritty details, but for now… this is what I’ve got! :)
THE NEW HILLSONG UNITED ALBUM IS OUT!!!! “Aftermath” is AMAZING, and if you haven’t already, you should check it out! I love it, and it’s so cool that we worship to a good number of those songs every week! :) It’s quite nifty! :)
Also… one last thing, I’ve been informed that some of you have expressed interest in supporting me but didn’t know how to get that money to me! Well, here’s the link to my paypal account where you can donate whatever you would like! :) Thank you so much in advance for your help! God is so sovereign and good to provide, all the time. If you haven’t thought about it, I ask that you do pray about and consider it now. Thank you SO much, you have no idea how much it means to me.
Even if you can’t or don’t feel led to support me, please partner in prayer with me about my finances for the rest of my time here. I was given 4 hours at work over the last 2 weeks, I pay rent weekly, and was making mends meet prior to the lack of hours. I know God will bring what’s needed, and ask that you believe in prayer with me for that.
Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts!! I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I do!!
Here’s the link to my pay pal account, and if that doesn’t work, the link to the right, there is a “donate” button that will take you to the pay pal screen the first link is suppose to take you to! :) The donate button will always be there so even if the post doesn’t have the link, the blog will always have it to the right!
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Miss you all and am praying for you and what God’s doing constantly!! Love you all, and I’ll see you sooner than we all think! :)

Michelle :)

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